The Quickest, Easiest Way to
​ Get Compliant with NY State's 
​Sexual Harassment Mandate

Without Overpaying For Your Annual Training Solution

Introducing Benetech's Simple Sexual Harassment Online Training



  • 24/7 On-Demand Webinars
  • Mobile Friendly Online Training

  • Management Dashboard

  • Separate Employee and Manager Training

  • Interactive Polling Questions
  • Access to Benetech's Support Staff

  • Q & A

Our goal was to make a solution that was compliant, simple, and 
ridiculously affordable.

Here it is...


A simple and affordable package for any size employer


Pinch yourself. This is a flat annual fee, not pay-by-the-seat.

For groups larger than 800 employees, please contact us for custom pricing.

Best of all, you can be training in less than 24 hours of your purchase!


Let's sum up what you get

When you register today for Benetech's Simple Sexual Harassment Training, you will get full access to:

  • Unlimited on-demand compliant NYS and NYC Sexual Harassment training webinars

  • Access to training via compatible mobile and desktop devices

  • On demand reports to keep an audit-worthy log of training completion

  • Access to Benetech's support staff for best-practice training tips and compliance questions

  • Email templates and how-to guides for communicating the new law to your employees and how they can complete their training

  • A full year's worth of training access to cover any new hires without adding to your cost

Best of all, you get all of this for one flat fee, and full access to start your training in less than 24 hours.


Sign up today!

Check out what our Clients are saying...


“I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to train both individually and in a group. The on-demand webinar allows us to pick up any stragglers that can’t make a group session.”

Nickolus Osinskin

Union Concrete and Construction Corp


"As a former training coordinator for a large government office, this product was excellent. It engaged the trainees and really nailed it."

Roxanne Soulier -

Fusco Personnel, Inc.


“I had a scattered workforce, with employees at nearly 20 locations. It was huge for us that Benetech’s training had an option for my employees to take the training from their smartphones. Even better was the price. Other vendors were charging two to three times that of Benetech and still not solving my problem. In the end, it was a no-brainer.”

Becky Tremblay - Peter Harris Clothing

If you could open a box today and have...

  • Unlimited access to compliant NYS Sexual Harassment training for all current and future employees, 
  • Interactive online training that employees could take anywhere from their computer or smartphone, 

  • A full library of videos, quiz sheets, handouts, certified sign-in sheets, and proctor scripts for delivering your own group training

...Would that solve your sexual harassment training dilemma?

Even better! What If I told you that you could have your entire training program up and running in less than 24 hours? 

Even better still! What if I told you that you would get a full year's access to this training for less than what it would cost for a single onsite training session? 

Why Do I Need This?


With recent regulatory changes, by October 9, 2019 all NYS employers with one or more employees, both public and private, must provide sexual harassment prevention training for their employees.
Training must be renewed annually, with new hires being trained "as quickly as possible" upon hiring.


What some vendors want to charge you for training


We spoke to a few of our clients to learn what other training options they'd found before coming to Benetech.

  • One told us that they'd been offered a single three-hour training session for $1,500! (Did not cover new-hires)
  • Another shared that after a lengthy implementation process, they could pay $27 every time an employee took the training. This of course assumed that all employees had access to a desktop computer.
  • And our favorite: One Florida training consultant said he'd be glad to fly up for a one-time training session for the low low price of $1,800, plus airfare!