NYS Sexual Harassment Compliance Checklist

Download Your NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance Checklist

Save the time you'd spend researching for yourself and,

well, do anything else!

Nothing's worse than wasting time when you could be growing your business.

There are so many other things you could be doing instead of researching new compliance regulations:

  • Take your client to coffee

  • Binge-watch Netflix

  • Fly a kite, literally

Because we support kite-flyers and small business owners who like their clients, we're giving you the benefit of our hours of research in one simple checklist.

Benetech's compliance checklist gives clear steps and critical dates for getting compliant with the new regulation, with additional information for NYC employers and contractors bidding state work. Download your NYS Sexual Harassment Compliance Checklist today.

This Compliance Checklist Covers:

  • Critical enforcement dates and new requirements

  • Action steps to guide employer compliance efforts

  • Review checklists for employer policies and training

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